Julia Chaplin on LA VIE BOHEME –


Julia Chaplin’s written two books on la vie bohème, so who better to dish beaches and Byron? Here, the author of Gypset Travel andGypset Style, who also has her own gypsy-meets-jet-set collection, shares her bohemian intel.

To be a bohemian…

Reference the world. Don’t follow convention. Be galactic — galactic is travel
in the abstract, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Top three essentials…

Sunblock, surfboard and friends.

And three fashion essentials…

Shawl, bikini and a pair of worn-out Havaiana flip flops.

My bohemian icon…

Lord Byron, for his romantic poet blouses, tight pants and itinerant palazzo parties.

My bohemian motto…

Always accept invitations into the unknown.

The best beach in the world…

Agua Caliente in Ibiza.

Ultimate bohemian getaway…

The ten places in my book Gypset Travel!

My favorite travel souvenir is…

I have an amethyst crystal that I keep in my purse. It was given to me by
an old hippie named Chuck, who lives in a geodesic dome in Joshua Tree.

My travel tip to overcoming jet lag…

Sleep late.

Best bohemian read…

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe

And music…

Manu Dibango

And drink…

Aguardiente (in South America)

Best gift to give the hardcore bohemian…


My bohemian home décor tip…

It’s all about a horizontal existence — lots of floor cushions and rugs.

Ingredients no bohemian kitchen should be without…

Tequila, sea salt and fresh limes.

To live this life in the city…

You need a lot of floor cushions, kilim rugs and day beds for spontaneous house guests.

Photograph by Julien Capmeil

Sara Foster’s Summer Must-Haves

Featured actress Sara Foster and her daughterValentina in the latest pre-fall accessories and ready-to-wear. As a model mother who travels nonstop, she’s the go-to girl for effortless looks that work around the clock and around the world. And so with Foster gearing up for vacation (much of which she’ll happily spend in Europe on the tennis circuit accompanying her husband, German tennis player Tommy Haas), we asked her to share everything from her favorite workout gear to her makeup-case staples—all the necessities for the season ahead.

Bikini Love..

Bathingsuit Season!

Bathingsuit Season!


glamour bathingsuits are simple

glamour bathingsuits are simple

have fun with your swimwear.. sexy and elegant in solids and simple but well fitted cuts

have fun with your swimwear.. sexy and elegant in solids and simple but well fitted cuts

our swimwear inspiration

our swimwear inspiration

Swimsuits are one of the funest pieces of clothing in the summer! Bedouin is inspired by all things summery and beachy and we love a good bikini. The best bikinis for any body type are those with ties on the top and bottom so that you can adjust the fit for your particular shape. The most unflattering thing about a swimsuit is not your size, but the way it fits you! Do not wear a swimsuit that is too small  or large because either will distort what your momma gave you! That’s why is great to have ties to adjust the snugness, not to much where your muffing out, but not to loose that your sagging like a suitfull of sand:) WE are inspired by the sexy bikinis and swimwear of the 1960s and 1970s.. Women were shaped like real humans and weren’t afraid to be sexy and confident in their skivvies. Solid colors are also the most flattering because they make for a smoother look, patterns enlarge your look. Wear a big hat, giant shades (to protect that gorgeous skin, atleast on your face because we love a good body tan as well..) and go to the beach feeling confident. Use a pashmina or scarf as a hip wrap if that makes you more comfortable:) It’s glamourous and easy and makes for a great blanket and beach pillow as well:) il_fullxfull.447276934_sna2

Bedouin Blog

loving the minidress life with Bedouin's silk mini's.. no pants, no problem!

loving the minidress life with Bedouin’s silk mini’s.. no pants, no problem!

Bedouin, silk printed mini

Bedouin, silk printed mini

1960's shift dress inspired

1960’s shift dress inspired

red silk mini with lace trim, by Bedouinred silk mini with lace trim, by Bedouin

Returning to the days of mini dresses and glamour with minimal effort and tons of comfort!!!

Why can’t being glamorous and fashionable be relatively simple, affordable and comfortable? IT CAN!! Bedouin  believes that every women, everyday has the dog gone right to be gorgeous and styled, but we also know that not everyone has the time or money to make that happen! But that’s why we design and manufacture our own clothing line- A main collection of silk dresses, loose cover-up tunic jackets, bloomer style shorts, bikinis, velour/velvet head wraps and jewelry.. We love what we do and are inspired everyday by the women we see in our lives around the world. Being glamorous and styled should be an everyday thing with no extra fuss:)

Simply why we love shift dress in silk and silk/blend fabrics! They are a one-stop shop! One piece of clothing and your set from morning to night! Drop the kids at school in style and go to lunch with your girls or even work in the same elegant, but cute and sexy dress! Then wear it all day because it incredible comforatble and then go out in the evening and just throw on a cool cover-up jacket and heels and your instantly chic bohemian! We want to make dressing fun and easy! Life is a big game of dress-up! You should enjoy it:)