Sara Foster’s Summer Must-Haves

Featured actress Sara Foster and her daughterValentina in the latest pre-fall accessories and ready-to-wear. As a model mother who travels nonstop, she’s the go-to girl for effortless looks that work around the clock and around the world. And so with Foster gearing up for vacation (much of which she’ll happily spend in Europe on the tennis circuit accompanying her husband, German tennis player Tommy Haas), we asked her to share everything from her favorite workout gear to her makeup-case staples—all the necessities for the season ahead.

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loving the minidress life with Bedouin's silk mini's.. no pants, no problem!

loving the minidress life with Bedouin’s silk mini’s.. no pants, no problem!

Bedouin, silk printed mini

Bedouin, silk printed mini

1960's shift dress inspired

1960’s shift dress inspired

red silk mini with lace trim, by Bedouinred silk mini with lace trim, by Bedouin

Returning to the days of mini dresses and glamour with minimal effort and tons of comfort!!!

Why can’t being glamorous and fashionable be relatively simple, affordable and comfortable? IT CAN!! Bedouin  believes that every women, everyday has the dog gone right to be gorgeous and styled, but we also know that not everyone has the time or money to make that happen! But that’s why we design and manufacture our own clothing line- A main collection of silk dresses, loose cover-up tunic jackets, bloomer style shorts, bikinis, velour/velvet head wraps and jewelry.. We love what we do and are inspired everyday by the women we see in our lives around the world. Being glamorous and styled should be an everyday thing with no extra fuss:)

Simply why we love shift dress in silk and silk/blend fabrics! They are a one-stop shop! One piece of clothing and your set from morning to night! Drop the kids at school in style and go to lunch with your girls or even work in the same elegant, but cute and sexy dress! Then wear it all day because it incredible comforatble and then go out in the evening and just throw on a cool cover-up jacket and heels and your instantly chic bohemian! We want to make dressing fun and easy! Life is a big game of dress-up! You should enjoy it:)