Faherty Brothers: Designing for Surf and Summer!


We talked to twins Mike, left, and Alex Faherty about the launch of their new line Faherty Brand,
which centers around never-ending summer living. They shared their favorite surf spots, too.

The Faherty Brand is…

MF: For us, life’s great moments are at the beach. It’s been our favorite place since we were kids,
growing up in Spring Lake, New Jersey. This brand is an extension of our family barbecues and summer moments and the casual laid-back vibe we grew up with.

Our back story…

MF: I worked at Ralph Lauren, but we’ve been talking about having a surf line since we were, like, 12 years old.
I even wrote my college essay about starting this company and having clothes you could wear in the city
that made you feel like you were on the beach.
AF: He titled it Coast to Curb. All the creative stuff is really his vision. My mind is more about the sales and inventory.
I worked in finance, which allowed me to gain a skill set to help build this fashion brand.

Our swimwear…

MF: Is made primarily from recycled materials. We’re obsessed with sustainability in apparel. It was also important for our swimwear to not only look amazing and sexy, but be functional too. Girls go to the beach in bathing suits and all they’re doing is pulling them up. We tested ours on girlfriends who are surfers and paddle boarders.

The best part about working with family…

MF: You’re building something special and are able to share it every day with the people you love. Our mother helps run the warehouse, our sister is in charge of sales, our logistics partner is a guy we grew up with…. If you’re going to have to pay someone, might as well keep it to the people you trust and love.

And the most challenging part…

MF: You see them all the time. There is no escape, even when you’re in chill mood.
AF: There’s no “off” time. We’re always thinking about the business, which hopefully is also an advantage we have.

Best business advice we’ve ever received…

MF: What I learned from Ralph [Lauren] is to never waffle. You can see his eyes look at something and, in a heartbeat,
know if he liked it or not.

And our advice to working with family…

AF: Every family has a different dynamic. You have to be super-sensitive to what that is and have the ability
to know what everyone is good and not good at. There can’t be any egos and the trust has to be there.

Favorite surf spots…

MF: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica (our mom used to take us there when we were kids) and Indonesia. One of my favorite surfing times was in Sri Lanka — no one was around, just me and a few other people.

Favorite beach grub…

MF: You gotta go with fish tacos. Although in Santa Monica, there’s this beach shack called
Cha Cha Chicken that has the most amazing jerk chicken enchiladas.
AF: Another thing, as a surfer you tend to go to the beach early in the morning. In New Jersey, there’s this place called Ray’s Cafe, which is famous for this pork roll — salami, bacon, baloney, all that stuff rolled up, fried and topped with an egg and cheese. That’s what everyone eats for breakfast.


Bikini Love..

Bathingsuit Season!

Bathingsuit Season!


glamour bathingsuits are simple

glamour bathingsuits are simple

have fun with your swimwear.. sexy and elegant in solids and simple but well fitted cuts

have fun with your swimwear.. sexy and elegant in solids and simple but well fitted cuts

our swimwear inspiration

our swimwear inspiration

Swimsuits are one of the funest pieces of clothing in the summer! Bedouin is inspired by all things summery and beachy and we love a good bikini. The best bikinis for any body type are those with ties on the top and bottom so that you can adjust the fit for your particular shape. The most unflattering thing about a swimsuit is not your size, but the way it fits you! Do not wear a swimsuit that is too small  or large because either will distort what your momma gave you! That’s why is great to have ties to adjust the snugness, not to much where your muffing out, but not to loose that your sagging like a suitfull of sand:) WE are inspired by the sexy bikinis and swimwear of the 1960s and 1970s.. Women were shaped like real humans and weren’t afraid to be sexy and confident in their skivvies. Solid colors are also the most flattering because they make for a smoother look, patterns enlarge your look. Wear a big hat, giant shades (to protect that gorgeous skin, atleast on your face because we love a good body tan as well..) and go to the beach feeling confident. Use a pashmina or scarf as a hip wrap if that makes you more comfortable:) It’s glamourous and easy and makes for a great blanket and beach pillow as well:) il_fullxfull.447276934_sna2