Bedouin CEO/Designer Ashley Borders featured in online blog on “La Vie Boheme”

Bedouin CEO/Designer Ashley Borders featured in online blog on “La Vie Boheme”

Bedouin’s Founder and Designer Ashley Borders is a featured model and stylist in Photographer Adriana Boatwright’s latest fashion/photography blog on “La Vie Boheme” which Borders primely examples.. As said by Bridgette Bardot 

“I’m a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. 
One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian.” 

Amazing Anna- Art Director Anna Karlin and her “cool”

Behind Design:Meet Art Director Anna Karlin


Anna Karlin’s a latter-day Renaissance woman who does everything from web design to installations, interiors and packaging for clients including Shop GhostThompson Hotels and Dunhill. We spoke to the art director who, to top it off, has her own furniture collection, too.

Good design is…


The design sensibility common throughout all my work…

Narrative. I strongly believe that all forms of design should stem from storytelling — and I do not necessarily mean prose! Therefore, the medium doesn’t matter; it could be digital, photographic or physical. As long as it communicates what you want it to, then you have done a good job.

Favorite project I’ve done…

To be honest, I really don’t have one. I work across such a range of mediums and they all inform each other. Without meaning to sound pretentious, my favorite project is one I haven’t done yet.

When it comes to design and the digital space…

I think the development in digital art is really interesting — making what can be alienating and cold into something that’s part of the human experience, which, in this day and age, it really has to be. We can no longer divorce ourselves from technology.

And I recommend checking out…

The ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) graduate show at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts — some of the work is mind-blowing.

My design influences and icons…

Just being alert to everything around you is inspiration enough.

My favorite place to see good art and design in New York…

The Met. I’m particularly partial to a Byzantine pot.

My debut furniture collection

Is about three materials: brass, ash and clay with a two-color palette of brass and white. It’s an exercise in deceptive complexity. The pieces should hopefully read as very simple; it’s only upon closer inspection that the level of detail and craftsmanship reveals itself.

And I wanted to include a vanity because…

Who doesn’t want one? It’s every girl’s dream. 😉

My morning beauty routine beings with…

Coffee. But my favorite product, without a doubt, is Benefit’s Benetint rose-tinted lip and cheek stain — it’s like eight hours of sleep in a jar.

When I get a creative block…

I take a shower. Great ideas happen then. Maybe it’s the lack of access to anything and the sound of water drowning everything out? Who knows why, but it works!

Anna Karlin, left, photographed by Noa Griffel in New York boutique Story
and a vanity designed Karlin

LA’s Standard Hotel- Giorgio’s-Favorite Dance Place

Word of Mouth:Giorgio’s at The Standard


Every decade or so you get the perfect party storm — the right location, the best playlist ever and an eclectic crowd that brings all walks of life together to dance the night away. From Chez Regine and Les Bains Douches in Paris to the ultimate gold standard, New York’s Studio 54, they all had one thing in common: no one could resist. Now, it’s all happening again with Giorgio’s: A Modern Discotheque, party guru Bryan Rabin’s Saturday night bash at The Standard hotel on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. The talk of the town, it’s where celebs, socialites, drag queens, roller girls and the fashion set alike get their disco dance on.

My Favorite Backyard Detail, by the best designer-My Dream Pool- Perry Guillot

Spotlight On:Perry Guillot’s Pools

In landscape artist Perry Guillot’s hands, a pool is more than just a pool. It’s a breathtaking scene in which to idle the summer away, like at this private residence in Locust Valley, New York. The beauty is in its tranquility — simple scallop-cornered low yew hedges; American boxwood shrubs at the corners (“as quiet accents to complete the garden setting,” he says), and a less-is-more design approach free of paved surfaces or structures. As for seating, that’s fluid; Perry notes you can place it wherever you want on the open lawn.

Faherty Brothers: Designing for Surf and Summer!


We talked to twins Mike, left, and Alex Faherty about the launch of their new line Faherty Brand,
which centers around never-ending summer living. They shared their favorite surf spots, too.

The Faherty Brand is…

MF: For us, life’s great moments are at the beach. It’s been our favorite place since we were kids,
growing up in Spring Lake, New Jersey. This brand is an extension of our family barbecues and summer moments and the casual laid-back vibe we grew up with.

Our back story…

MF: I worked at Ralph Lauren, but we’ve been talking about having a surf line since we were, like, 12 years old.
I even wrote my college essay about starting this company and having clothes you could wear in the city
that made you feel like you were on the beach.
AF: He titled it Coast to Curb. All the creative stuff is really his vision. My mind is more about the sales and inventory.
I worked in finance, which allowed me to gain a skill set to help build this fashion brand.

Our swimwear…

MF: Is made primarily from recycled materials. We’re obsessed with sustainability in apparel. It was also important for our swimwear to not only look amazing and sexy, but be functional too. Girls go to the beach in bathing suits and all they’re doing is pulling them up. We tested ours on girlfriends who are surfers and paddle boarders.

The best part about working with family…

MF: You’re building something special and are able to share it every day with the people you love. Our mother helps run the warehouse, our sister is in charge of sales, our logistics partner is a guy we grew up with…. If you’re going to have to pay someone, might as well keep it to the people you trust and love.

And the most challenging part…

MF: You see them all the time. There is no escape, even when you’re in chill mood.
AF: There’s no “off” time. We’re always thinking about the business, which hopefully is also an advantage we have.

Best business advice we’ve ever received…

MF: What I learned from Ralph [Lauren] is to never waffle. You can see his eyes look at something and, in a heartbeat,
know if he liked it or not.

And our advice to working with family…

AF: Every family has a different dynamic. You have to be super-sensitive to what that is and have the ability
to know what everyone is good and not good at. There can’t be any egos and the trust has to be there.

Favorite surf spots…

MF: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica (our mom used to take us there when we were kids) and Indonesia. One of my favorite surfing times was in Sri Lanka — no one was around, just me and a few other people.

Favorite beach grub…

MF: You gotta go with fish tacos. Although in Santa Monica, there’s this beach shack called
Cha Cha Chicken that has the most amazing jerk chicken enchiladas.
AF: Another thing, as a surfer you tend to go to the beach early in the morning. In New Jersey, there’s this place called Ray’s Cafe, which is famous for this pork roll — salami, bacon, baloney, all that stuff rolled up, fried and topped with an egg and cheese. That’s what everyone eats for breakfast.


Julia Chaplin on LA VIE BOHEME –


Julia Chaplin’s written two books on la vie bohème, so who better to dish beaches and Byron? Here, the author of Gypset Travel andGypset Style, who also has her own gypsy-meets-jet-set collection, shares her bohemian intel.

To be a bohemian…

Reference the world. Don’t follow convention. Be galactic — galactic is travel
in the abstract, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Top three essentials…

Sunblock, surfboard and friends.

And three fashion essentials…

Shawl, bikini and a pair of worn-out Havaiana flip flops.

My bohemian icon…

Lord Byron, for his romantic poet blouses, tight pants and itinerant palazzo parties.

My bohemian motto…

Always accept invitations into the unknown.

The best beach in the world…

Agua Caliente in Ibiza.

Ultimate bohemian getaway…

The ten places in my book Gypset Travel!

My favorite travel souvenir is…

I have an amethyst crystal that I keep in my purse. It was given to me by
an old hippie named Chuck, who lives in a geodesic dome in Joshua Tree.

My travel tip to overcoming jet lag…

Sleep late.

Best bohemian read…

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe

And music…

Manu Dibango

And drink…

Aguardiente (in South America)

Best gift to give the hardcore bohemian…


My bohemian home décor tip…

It’s all about a horizontal existence — lots of floor cushions and rugs.

Ingredients no bohemian kitchen should be without…

Tequila, sea salt and fresh limes.

To live this life in the city…

You need a lot of floor cushions, kilim rugs and day beds for spontaneous house guests.

Photograph by Julien Capmeil

The Great Gatsby- Q & A with the film’s Costume Designer


The Great Gatsby’s Costumer-Catherine Martin Q&A

Before Gatsby, did you have any Jazz Age icons?
I really admired Josephine Baker. She’s about a change in thinking. Even though she suffered indignities and great racism, it was the birth of much more freedom of thought. She was a big thinker. The most salient thing about the Twenties is that it was one of the most revolutionary times for women. It paved the way for the feminist revolution.


And then Daisy Buchanan is at the other end of the spectrum…
She was a very interesting character for me. She’s a product of her times. Bred to be a society trophy wife, she achieves that by the time she’s 18 and then realizes that it’s hollow. But she’s not trained to do anything else. She’s a bird in a gilded cage. Daisy has enormous charm and charisma. That bursts out of the screen with Carey Mulligan. You can’t help but see why a boy from Nowheresville is attracted to this enormously sophisticated, attractive girl who is the pinnacle of what he imagines people who live the great life are like.

So you like her.
I like her. I don’t want to be her. I find it frustrating, because I’m a doer. But I think she’d be fun to wile away an afternoon with.

And then you worked with another strong woman, Miuccia Prada, on the film.
How did that come about?

It came out of two things: a very long friendship Baz has with Miuccia, and one of the design precepts he gave me, which was that he wanted the world of New York not to feel nostalgic. He wanted young, visceral and modern, as it would have felt to Scott and Zelda or to the characters. The skyscrapers and hemlines and hair were going up. People were dancing on tabletops. We were in the Jazz Age. And I think that Miuccia and Baz both use historical references in their work, but their work projects to the future. And I thought how interesting it would be to inject the party scenes with that excitement. It was a subliminal wink to the current.

What’s your favorite trend to come out of the Twenties?
>Either beaded fringe or a tango shoe. The tango shoe is sort of strange and beguiling and a weird combo of 20th and 19th Century. It can look enticing.

The key to working with family successfully?
I think it’s arguing a lot. A sense of humor. Which thankfully I don’t think we take ourselves too seriously. And remembering that today’s rooster is tomorrow’s feather duster. Pride does come before a fall. It’s about open dialogue and opinions being shared.

Favorite films (other than Baz’s)…
The Wizard of Oz changed my life because it was such an extraordinary journey to take when I was 10. And I was so scared of the monkeys, and it put me on such a trip. I loved it. I wanted ruby slippers and blue socks. It was so wrong, it was right. And then from a fashion perspective, the movie that changed my life when I was 13 was Gone with the Wind — just the whole design of it.

Favorite Fitzgerald book…
With Fitzgerald, to know the book is to know your firm favorite. I’m sure if I read the others, they would be new favorites. But right now it’s The Great Gatsby.


Sara Foster’s Summer Must-Haves

Featured actress Sara Foster and her daughterValentina in the latest pre-fall accessories and ready-to-wear. As a model mother who travels nonstop, she’s the go-to girl for effortless looks that work around the clock and around the world. And so with Foster gearing up for vacation (much of which she’ll happily spend in Europe on the tennis circuit accompanying her husband, German tennis player Tommy Haas), we asked her to share everything from her favorite workout gear to her makeup-case staples—all the necessities for the season ahead.